Building HappyNest | Going Deeper Exhibition

Building HappyNest | Going Deeper Exhibition

Artist Statement:

Nandita, (Melbourne based) and Melissa (Auckland, NZ based) were introduced to each other in Amy’s ‘Going Deeper’ writing workshop. Melissa and Nandita were well paired wearing similar hats of artists, mothers, and educators. We have the same inclination today: create work for exhibitions. Interestingly we seem to always have that work as “a work in progress” stage without completion.

Our Totem artwork has individual works created in 2 different countries and then reconstructed as one. This collaboration is a centre piece of our finished work together surrounded by work interrupted. Our motto of “others first” whether with students, family or our production work is not a bad thing however it means less time to create our own artwork and a lot of unfinished creations.

Medium: Ceramic, wood, plastic
Dimensions: Height: 58cms Width: 45cms Depth: 45cms
Year made: 2023

Collaborative Artist: Melissa Mead (NZ)