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Passages | Wunder Gym Extended Practice

Artist Statement:

Layer upon layer, through pipes and time, a sanctuary is built for those with wings, and those who live amongst them.

The inspiration for this piece has come from the engineering marvel of Spotswood Pumping Station, playing an integral role to create the Treatment Plant - one of Australia’s most biodiverse areas, attracting migratory birds from all over the world, and bringing beauty to an otherwise functional part of Victoria.

Located in Werribee and covering an area larger than Philip Island, the treatment plant is host to a diversity of migratory birds, second only to Kakadu.

As a ceramic artist I have challenged myself to create work that is outside my own comfort zone. Larger, more intricate, and using diverse materials to build a final installation, that when I step back and look at, I can say to myself “Oh Wow - No Shit!”

Medium: Ceramic, wood and metal
Year Created: 2023